Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dry ramen noodles?

Lived like a college kid tonight and made ramen noodles. But for a guy who grew up on this stuff, a package of ramen noodles is like a canister of Play-Doh where you're limited only by your imagination. This time I prepared it "dry" with tomatoes and onions and poached eggs.

My version of comfort food.

1 package of ramen
1 large egg
1 small roma tomato, diced
¼ onion, chopped
2 cups of boiling water

My instant ramen of choice is Mi Hai Cua, which translates to "two crab noodles." Now whether this means it's supposed to have the flavoring of two crabs or just to one-up the lonely Mi Mot Cua, who knows. It for sure doesn't taste like crab. However, all that matters is that this ramen helped me survive my gluttonous teenage years, though it might have also stunted my growth some...

First, crack the egg into the boiling water and poach until desired doneness (5 minutes for soft, 8 minutes for hard). Turn heat to medium otherwise it'll boil over. With a slotted spoon, transfer the cooked egg to a bowl.

Now discard enough boiling water so that there's only about ½ cup left in the pot. Put back on the stove. Add only half of the seasoning packet. Remember, since this is "dry" ramen, it'll much saltier than usual. Add the ramen and onions and cook until done, tossing constantly. The ramen will absorb the water and any liquids from the onions. Once cooked, remove from heat, add the tomatoes and toss until even. Adding the tomatoes sans heat serves two purposes: (1) merely warming the tomatoes retains its nice texture and prevent extra liquids in the ramen, and (2) it instantly cools the ramen slightly so that it won't burn your mouth.

Add the cooked ramen to the bowl with the egg and enjoy. Like I said, it's a culinary canvas limited only by your imagination. Add your favorite veggies or meat or nothing at all.

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