Monday, March 23, 2009

Competition at the Salt Lick

We visited Austin again and had a meal at the Salt Lick, again. However, this time I had to bring my A-game. After being seated, I noticed a camera crew in the corner of the large, mess-hall type dining area. Our server informed me that Food TV was there filming food for a show. Needless to say I was a bit intimidated by the competition... Just kidding. There was no competition. Those guys were way out of their league...

OK, self delusion aside, we had another great meal at the Salt Lick. To read about our other Salt Lick meals, view the posts with Austin or BBQ in the tag.

This was the standard family-style platter which came with all the beef brisket, pork ribs, and sausage I could eat...and I did. I prefer the fatty brisket and always request it. Also make sure to ask for their habanero BBQ sauce. Don't worry, it's not nearly as spicy as the name implies but it does have a little more kick than their standard juice.

While eagerly awaiting the best part of the meal, the dessert, I came across this awesome view of their pecan pies. Though I'm not a fan of pecan pie, I love desserts enough to give all desserts their due time on this site.

So here it is, the grand finale. Salt Lick's blackberry cobbler is the best blackberry cobbler I've had. (If you think you can make a better one, feel free to leave your contact information and we'll schedule a time for you to prove it.) The crust is a buttery cornmeal mixture and the blackberries taste as if they were picked and baked within the same day. Order this thing up a la mode and you'll forgot all your worries...if only for a little while. If anyone were to ask me, "Tam, if I could only order one thing at the Salt Lick, what would it be?" I would respond, "Bahkbary caaber." And when they ask me to repeat myself, I would finish swallowing the cobbler in my mouth and say, "Blackberry cobbler."