Monday, August 17, 2009

Bush's Chicken

I had a business meeting that resulted in me driving through Waco. So I took advantage of the opportunity to stop into my favorite place fried chicken to date, Bush's Chicken. As told in lore, the Bush family started this chain in Waco and is well known by all Baylor alumni. I've actually started spreading the word to my friends in Austin and San Antonio so that they drop in on their way to Dallas.

So why is this place my favorite? It's all in the gravy. Every order of chicken fingers or other fried chicken parts come with a heavenly rich and peppery white gravy. Nearly everything is dipped in the gravy, the chicken, the fries, the mashed potatoes, the okra, and even the corn. I haven't tried dipping the coleslaw in the gravy but I'm sure it wouldn't be horrible. For all I know, the slaw might be made with the gravy. The chicken is lightly battered...well, as lightly as it gets for fried chicken. And some how, Bush's always seems to serve a fresh batch of chicken. Unlike other chicken chains where you can get a hot piece of stale chicken, at Bush's I've always gotten a hot piece of fresh juicy chicken. And that's considering the years I spent there at Baylor. They've branched out quite a bit since I left Baylor, so check out the website and if you're ever near one of their locations, namely the one in Waco off Valley Mills, make sure you stop in for some gravy. And chicken too.