Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gelato Insanity

So during our week in Italy, we have completely indulged our sweet teeth and overdid it with the gelato, the Italian version of ice cream. The scary thing is that the images below only account for about half of the amount of gelato we actually consumed.

Jelato 3

Jelato 1
Honey, chocolate Nutella, and hazelnut with chocolate swirls

Jelato 4
Sweet cream

Jelato 2
Chocolate and vanilla, AKA, ebony and ivory.

Gelato 5
Crema di Santa Fina (saffron and pine-nut cream) from the best gelateria in the world.

Gelato 6
Valrhona dark chocolate

Giolitti Gelato
Dark chocolate and sweet cream
Trashy Gelato
Trashy gelato

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