Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cava Bistro

The wife and I met some good friends for dinner at Cava Bistro, a quaint, rustic restaurant serving American fare. Our friends were planning a wedding and wanted to try this place out for their wedding reception.

This was one of the three appetizers we ordered. It was an awesome plate of steamed mussels served with tomatoes in a champagne lemon tarragon broth. I was glad we were amongst good friends because I had to use my hands to eat these babies, not because it was difficult otherwise. Rather, I was trying to eat as many of them as possible. With 4 of us at a square table, I felt like one of those chomping hungry hungry hippos fighting over food.

The buttery caper sauce that came with the escargot was addicting. These little gems were served over grilled flat herb bread. I grew up eating steamed snails dipped in a lemon-salt-pepper sauce. It wasn't until much later in life that I discovered that escargot is usually served with a butter sauce in French cuisine. Needless to say, I haven't looked back since I've had it with herb butter. Anytime I order escargot, I ask for extra bread so I can sop up all that incredible butter. Don't judge me.

Our final appetizer was this dish of chicken, spinach, roasted red peppers and leeks wrapped in crispy phyllo dough with a coconut chile sauce. But after having it, I could have simply described as "YUM."

Cava Bistro's take on French onion soup uses three onions. They're all braised in a red wine beef stock and then topped off fresh slices of baguette and Swiss cheese. By this point of the meal, I was satisfied and could have gone home happy. But Mama didn't raise no quitter.

After all the above, I continued the meal with Cava's succulent beef short ribs. The fork-tender beef was serve on top of fluffy, garlicky mashed potatoes. Where's the foto? this point of the meal, I also had quite a bit of wine and started eating as soon as the plate touched the table. If it makes you feel any better, I can still close my eyes and taste the moist meat melting in my mouth.

For dessert, we shared their white and dark chocolate mousse crepes. I could try to channel my literary side by talking about the juxtaposition of the two chocolates. Instead, I'll leave you with the following words: fluffy, chocolaty, fruity, and doughy. Close your eyes and repeat them 3 times slowly.

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