Friday, August 1, 2008

Turkey & Tini

So tonight I had an intense craving for meat, specifically poultry. And there's really only one thing that can satisfy this kind of urge. You guessed it, a turkey leg. And the Fates must have been smiling down on me because as I walked through the grocery store, I saw one turkey leg sitting all alone under some heat lamps. I thought, "Aw, the little fella's lonely." Well I have 32 teeth and one stomach it will get to know real soon.

I found him another friend.

As you already know, I'm a foodie. As a lover of food, I enjoy, or at least appreciate, nearly all foods, as you have seen in my earlier posts about ramen and sardines. However, it appears some folks have confused "foodie" with "food snob" because I've dined with plenty so-called foodies who were very picky. I believe true food fanatics can enjoy a $150 dinner as much as a $5 one. Tonight, not only did my $5 dinner fill me up more than I needed, it was delicious!

I wish everyone shared my love for food. It would be the first step towards world peace. Then again, I also wish I had father's acceptance but that's not happening either.

Just something I threw on the stove, really. Look at the picture.

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