Monday, October 6, 2008

Torchy's Temptations

Despite a great meal at Uchi, later that same night I got a strong case of the munchies that needed satiating. This was probably due to the fact we had dinner at 5:30. So I and fellow foodies headed over South Austin's Trailer Park & Eatery to so that Torchy's Tacos could silence our growling tummies.

Trailer Park & Eatery
The vivid street sign to ensure drivers don't miss the stop they didn't even know was on their itinerary.

Torchy's Trailer
Long hours and hard work make for a happy trailer park eatery.

Pulled Pork
This is Torchy's green chili pork taco and was hands down the best pork taco I've ever had. The pulled pork plenarily pleased palettes with plentiful porcine pieces of pure propitiousness. In other words, it was good. The tender pork was slow simmered in a green-chili's and topped with fresh cilantro and onions and served a wedge of lime. I opted out of the cheese as to fully taste the pork and I'm glad I did. My mouth still waters with the memory of mouthfuls of fatty pork, zingy lime, fresh garnish, and warm buttery flour tortillas. It was so good I actually went back and got another.

This is their brushfire, which is Jamaican jerk chicken, grilled jalapenos, mango, Sour cream, and cilantro served on a flour tortilla. This taco was served with their Diablo sauce, a creamy habanero sauce (it's in the pork taco foto above). The taco was as delicious as it was photogenic. My wife particularly enjoyed this one due to her affinity for mangos.

For dessert, we ordered their nookie. These golf-ball-sized spheres o' fried fun are deep-fried chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-covered Hershey kisses. I know what you're thinking and, yes, we got some nookie in the trailer park.

In all honestly, I ate at this place twice during the weekend. However, due to my excitement and eagerness to start eating, only a few fotos turned out appetizing enough for blogging. This won't be so the next time I visit.

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